WUSC places the health and safety of its personnel, and of the communities with which it works, as its priority. WUSC is monitoring the global outbreak of COVID-19 and is closely following advice from public health officials globally, nationally, and locally.

Our newly formed local community recognizes the challenge, yet we remain dedicated to providing the same support that has been provided in the past. Please feel free to reach out as you have in the past.

WUSC McGill is currently taking the following precautions in response to the health and travel concerns related to COVID-19:

  • We have postponed any new in-person volunteer training
  • We have temporarily closed our office and have asked our newly formed student committee to work from home to encourage social distancing and promote good community practice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will update this post with new information as it emerges.

For questions about WUSC’s response to COVID-19, please email wusc@wusc.ca.

For questions about our local response to COVID-19 please email wusc.mcgill@ssmu.ca